Visit to the Krušedol Monastery and Mother Angelina

Löysin mielenkiintoisen blogin, kun etsin tietoa Pyhästä Angelinasta. I found this blog and reblog it to my Finnish blog of Serbia.

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Monasticism is an important part of the Orthodox religion. Serbia is full of monasteries and they are popular with tourists to visit. This is the first one I visited and I wanted to see the appeal of them. Monasteries usually are put in relatively remote places to protect them from outside invaders. I guess that is what makes them appealing to me.

This particular monastery is located just outside the Fruska Gora National Park. ”Frankish Hill”, is a hilly region located just outside of Novi Sad, in the heart of Vojvodina. Vojvodina is the northern part of Serbia that once was the Pananonian Sea in geological times. It is a flat area except for Fruska Gora, which is a large area of hills. The Serbs put many monasteries in this area, I guess the hills offered protection. This monastery is for women and there are no orders in the Orthodox…

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